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  • This project was in response to the RSA Design Directions competition 2006/7 “Ceramic Futures No Boundaries” brief. This was an open brief that encouraged the exploration and exploitation of the applications and aesthetics of ceramic material. The outcome required an entirely new product possibility.

    During the initial research stage that intensively covered all of ceramics' properties and potential uses an incredibly simple yet effective method of refrigeration was discovered. In Nigeria a simple device called a Zeer is used to store and cool food. A Zeer is made by placing one earthenware pot into another slightly larger earthenware pot. A layer of sand is placed in between the pots to which water is added. Then a damp cloth is placed on top of the pots. Evaporation of the water from the outside pot causes the temperature of the inside pot to naturally cool down.

    A prototype was built to test if this simple method could be adapted for use in the modern kitchen. The results were positive establishing a temperature of around 10ºC was attainable. Although this temperature is not suitable for storing foods such as meat and fish further research showed that it is perfect for a variety of fruit, vegetables and some other foods that are normally and incorrectly stored in a fridge or a cupboard.

    The project was then able to develop around consumer interaction, the overall aesthetic and the manufacturing restrictions of earthenware ceramic.

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