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  • This project was one of my entries to the Core77 Greener Gadgets competition 2009.

    Shake ‘n’ Flick was first conceived when observing behaviour that many a “couch potato” has acted out since the invention of the humble remote control. The process of removing the battery cover, taking the batteries out of the control (although they can also be left in) and then rubbing them between their palms to slightly warm the batteries and then replacing them in the controller all in order to part the last few electrons from the each battery. This pattern of behaviour can often be seen repeated in a quick succession roughly every half an hour or so and can last anything from a couple of hours through to a few days (even weeks). Finally the “couch potato” will accept defeat and pull themselves away form the TV and hunt down a new set of batteries (usually pilfered from some other electronic device).

    The Shake and Flick takes inspiration from this behaviour but rather than the long winded unfastening and rubbing process a simple flick of the wrist is all that is needed. Shake ‘n’ Flick takes the place of the batteries. The Shake ‘n’ Flick is basically a muscle powered voltage generator that is based on Faraday's law of induction, consisting of a tube with a cylindrical magnet. The tube is wound with a coil of wire. As the tube is shaken, the magnets traverse the length of the tube back and forth, thus changing the magnetic flux through the coil and the coil therefore produces an AC voltage. This AC voltage is then stored in a capacitor ready for you to flick to your heart's content.

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