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  • This self initiated project came about after an easy way to create more money for The Royal British Legion’s annual poppy appeal was spied, which in turn would improve their green credentials.

    The poppy has only one main design requirement that has stood since it’s creation in 1921 and that is it must be able to be made by somebody with the use of only one hand. This is because the Poppy Factory only employs ex-soldiers, sailors and airmen often handicapped due to their time spent in the forces. The current poppy consists of both paper and plastic components. The new poppy omits any relatively expensive and environmentally damaging plastic components yet looks almost identical to the existing version yet is 100% biodegradable/recyclable. It can also be made from recycled material.

    A carbon negative version has also designed. Incorporating a seed in each poppy encourages the user to bury the poppy in the ground at the end of its use. As the poppy biodegrades the seed grows drawing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere canceling out the poppy’s carbon footprint.

    The new concept has been was warmly welcomed by The Royal British Legions Poppy Factory and is waiting approval from the relative comities within The Royal British Legion. So watch this space a greener cheaper poppy could be on the way.

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