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  • Just Energy is the latest project that I have been working on, in collaboration with Jessie Baker and Andras Szalai. This project was set by Future Agenda. The Future Agenda is cross discipline programme which aims to unite the best minds from around the globe to address the greatest challenges of the next decade. The challenge that my team and I were set was to tackle impending energy crisis. Our response was Just Energy. The project is very close to being complete at which point I will be posting the project outcomes. Until then I have uploaded some teaser photos and given a brief description of the project below.

    JustEnergy is an independent, renewable resource community grid, but most importantly it is a blueprint. This modular system can be configured to work in thousands of communities all over the world. Each part of the system is completely open source and available simply organised and in its entirety online for anyone and everyone to copy, update, comment and redesign. Each grid is connected to the website via a map. By pooling implementation experience and improving designs we can ensure less waste and clean power for every community, ending the energy crisis one grid at a time.

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