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  • I love Comic Relief and everything it stands for, who doesn’t? This project came about after I bought a Red Nose to support Comic Relief 2009. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with my purchase. I noticed it was recyclable but not in standard recycling streams. The only way to recycle the nose was if it was taken back to Sainsbury’s, the official Red Nose retailer. I questioned how many of the 6 million plus noses sold would make it back to Sainsbury’s. The nose also had packaging. This was a thin layer of film that held in place a little paper leaflet that include safety information, barcode, stickers and information about the appeal. I took one look and thought there must be a better way to make a Red Nose Greener!

    Pages 2 and 3 explain my concept but here is a little more information on Cassava and the manufacturing process.

    The nose is made from cassava pulp, in two halves. The two halves are manufactured using pulp molding, a low energy manufacturing process (egg cartons and disposable plates are manufactured using the same process). They are glued together using a by-product from the pulp molding, cassava starch glue, saving resources and reducing waste. Cassava is an organic material that is used to make edible/deposable plates for the food catering industry so is very safe both for people to wear and for the environment. In fact the nose will actually be edible (but it won’t taste nice at all!) The nose comes wrapped in low grade recycled paper rather than the current plastic wrap. Instructions are printed on the wrapping saving money and resources.

    I am Currently in talks with Comic Relief and hope to make this concept a reality.

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