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  • This was my entry to last years "London On Tap" design competition. Inspiration came from the iconic meander in the River Thames.

    This design fulfils the challenges of modern restaurant service, is suited to mass manufacture, has a reduced carbon footprint, while increasing user functionality, and yet retains a contemporary, crisp appearance that would suit any environment. Functionality has been key in determining the overall form of the design. The traditional and unnecessary bulbous base seen in traditional carafes has been removed and the design focuses on exaggerated flared lip. This allows the carafe to be stacked reducing its carbon footprint during transportation and also helps save restaurants valuable storage space.

    A unique dual-pour feature allows for no ice to be poured with the water if decanted from one side of the carafe yet it will flow freely if poured from the other.

    Using just one manufacturing process, to reduce the overall carbon footprint the carafe has been designed with mass manufacture in mind using the press and blow process. The London on Tap logo is embossed onto the carafe as part of this process eradicating the need for potentially environmental harmful chemicals needed in screen printing or acid etching.

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